Hermes Press expands into original series with <i>Tails</i>

Known primarily for publishing collections of vintage comics like Buck Rogers, The Phantom and Dark Shadows, Hermes Press is diversifying into original series, starting with Tails, Book 1. The recently released volume is a semi-autobiographical look at the life of "hapless and hopeless hipster" cartoonist/animal-rescuer Ethan Young. The Tails version of Young uses his comic book character Crusader Cat to escape the real world, but begins to lose the distinction between fantasy and reality.

Young originally launched Tails as a mini-series in 2006 and the new volume contains that plus new pages. It's the first of a three-volume series he's creating for Hermes. Alissa Fisher interviews Young about the book and his own balance between fantasy and autobiography on the Hermes blog.

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