Here's your first look inside Tokyo's new Godzilla-themed hotel

We've seen artist's renditions of the rooms and photos of the towering statue, but now we can actually tour Tokyo's new Godzilla-themed hotel in this video from Jiji Press.

Opening April 24, the 30-story Hotel Gracery, which sits atop the Toho Cinema in Shinjuku, boasts three themed rooms: two Godzilla View Rooms, which overlook the 39-foot head of the King of the Monsters that erupts from the roof of the theater below; and the Godzilla Room, which, as the video shows, boasts its own statue, a gallery of movie posters and an enormous claw that looms over the beds. The hotel of course also offers Godzilla memorabilia and special sweets.

The Godzilla Room costs between $334 to $417, depending on the night, while the Godzilla View Rooms go for a more reasonable $125.

(via Kotaku)

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