Here's your chance to wield Hellboy's Right Hand of Doom

If you've been hoping to jump-start Ragnarok or merely lay a smackdown on some supernatural foes, here's your chance: Hellboy's Right Hand of Doom is up for sale.

The replica from Guillermo del Toro's 2004 adaptation Hellboy is just one of the items going on the block Friday in Los Angeles as part of the "Rick Baker: Monster Maker" auction. Organized by the Prop Store, the sale features more than 400 items from the Hollywood effects legend's lengthy career.

Made of Styrofoam and foam sheets, the Right Hand of Doom prop is expected to fetch between $600 and $800. If bringing about the end of the world isn't your thing, you can always go with unleashing mayhem in Gotham City with the Riddler's face mask from 1995's Batman Forever.

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