Here's Why There Are No Plans for a 'Peanuts Movie' Sequel

While Jean Schulz -- the widow of "Peanuts" creator Charles M. Schulz -- says her late husband would be "very pleased" with Fox's "Peanuts Movie", the rights holder isn't in any rush to get a sequel made.

According to TheWrap, Fox had the rights to produce only one "Peanuts Movie", meaning that, despite its modest $44 million domestic debut at the weekend box office (in second place behind "Spectre"), the studio can't produce a sequel to the film.

On the possibility of making a sequel, rights holder Jean Schulz joked, "This one took eight years, so maybe we’ll talk again then."

Schulz was happy with Fox's take on her husband's classic comic strip, however, noting, "He would have been very proud of the care and effort that was taken in making it…and the movie too, because it reflected his vision."

The late cartoonist created the franchise in 1950, and went on to have his characters featured in over 30 animated specials, starting with "A Charlie Brown Christmas" in 1965. Jean says her husband was "very protective" of the franchise "going Hollywood," noting, "It wasn’t that he didn’t like the movies…It was that he didn’t think he could devote the time it would take to oversee a project and make sure it turned out the way he wanted it to."

So how did Fox manage to succeed in getting its "Peanuts Movie" made? According to Schulz, "[Fox] convinced us that they understood his vision for ‘Peanuts’ and that they would be true to its spirit." The film was also co-written by Charles Schulz's son, Craig, and his grandson, Bryan, which Jean Schulz says, "… helped the comfort level for the longtime fans, and it helped that they stuck with classic look and tone of the strip, rather than try give it some kind of edge, too."

"The Peanuts Movie" is currently in theatres.

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