Here's What We Learned from James Gunn's Impromptu Facebook Q&A

Stricken with a bit of writer's fatigue while apparently working on the "Guardians of the Galaxy 2" script, James Gunn hopped onto Facebook on Saturday to hold an impromptu Q&A with fans.

Though he steered clear of responding to any questions regarding details of the upcoming sequel (he told anyone who asked such questions to "SIT IN THE CORNER"), the writer/director revealed quite a few interesting tidbits about "Guardians of the Galaxy," working with Marvel, and future film plans, including filming locations for "GotG2."

You can scan the whole thing on Facebook, or find some selected highlights below. In addition, Gun shot down recent rumors that Carol Danvers/Ms. Marvel or alien symbiotes might appear in the next "GotG" film in a series of Tweets.

  • Marvel gave him lots of creative freedom on "GotG" and has been giving him even more on the sequel. "We have a really great relationship where they let me go and do my thing, and I truly listen to their notes and ideas," he wrote. "I've never been told to put in any character or plot element at all. I can't tell you the amount of times I've read stuff on the Internet from people who think they understand how Marvel works, when they don't at all. When they trust you - and I think I've earned their trust over the past few years - they give you a wide berth. I truly love them and love working with them. Like a good marriage, we just fit."
  • His favorite characters from the film were Rocket and Groot. When asked if he'd ever consider directing a spinoff film focusing on the pair, he didn't directly shoot down the idea. "I couldn't consider it until after I was done with 'GotG2,'" he said, "then we'll see how I feel."
  • When asked how long it takes Groot to grow back, Gunn responded, "You'll find out."
  • His favorite moment in the film is near the end when Drax sits down to pet a crying Rocket.
  • Gunn revealed he initially had no knowledge of Dave Bautista's wrestling career. "I had no idea who Dave was when he auditioned - I only knew he was amazing."
  • One fan asked about the scene in the trailers where Gamora is peering over her bare shoulder. "It was a deleted scene," Gunn said. "It happened during the Livin Thing montage. Quill caught her getting dressed and gave her a smarmy look and she sneered and closed the door on him.
  • On other Guardians members who didn't make the film's final cut: "I almost put Bug in the movie."
  • Gunn's favorite song from the "Awesome Mix?" "Right now, 'Come and Get Your Love.'"
  • Gunn said he has no problem directing his brother Sean. "Hell no, he's the easiest of all my actors to work with, the most professional and the most prepared. He earned the [respect] of the other actors on 'Guardians' and they all love him - just read all the great things Zoe and Dave [have] said about him."
  • When a fan asked if Gunn would be returning to Atlanta's DragonCon, the director revealed that it was possible as "GotG2" will be shooting in the city. "I'm gonna try. Because we're filming in Atlanta, I hope it works out for my schedule." He later added that the would be "major crew changes" on the sequel.
  • Gunn said working on the two "Scooby-Doo" live action movies prepared him for "GotG." He said he learned, "Everything there is to know about making a movie with a main character who is a visual effect. I went into Guardians with this knowledge, which the folks at Marvel had never done. It's a big learning curve for people, and not something to be taken lightly."
  • He said that his favorite MCU film outside of "GotG" was the original "Iron Man," and that he's most excited to see "Ant-Man" in the next phase. He said repeatedly that he'd already seen "Avengers: Age of Ultron," but refrained from giving away any details.
  • On the possibility of directing the two-part "Avengers: Infinity War," Gunn said bluntly, "It doesn't really interest me." He had similar sentiments when asked if he'd want to direct "Star Wars" or "Star Trek" films.
  • Gunn repeatedly reiterated his desire to direct a movie version of Grant Morrison's Vertigo series "We3," answering a question about a dream project he'd have trouble making reality. He also referenced his oft-cited dreams of bringing "Hit Monkey" to the big screen, something he apparently attempted to actually do after "GotG." "Well I tried to direct Hit Monkey before Gotg2. Does that count?" he responded when asked what other superhero films he'd would've chosen to direct.
  • He also has a soft spot for a Squirrel Girl feature, as a fan's random question regarding the character garnered the response, "I love her so much. I'd love to do a Squirrel Girl movie."
  • On the prospect of perhaps shooting an R-rated MCU film: "Maybe. Maybe Moon Knight. I don't know how much it appeals to me to make an R rated Marvel film right now. So many people who wanted to see it wouldn't be able, and that would make me sad."
  • Fans shouldn't expect sequels to "Slither" or "Super," as Gunn repeatedly shot down questions regarding the films. However, he did make numerous remarks about another possible horror film in the future. "Maybe someday. I have lots of ideas."
  • Batman is his favorite DC hero, and Spider-Man his favorite from Marvel. He also said currently reads many of Marvel's series and that his favorite on-going is "Silver Surfer," with "Daredevil" being a perennial favorite.
  • When asked what DC movie he'd be interested in directing, he answered, "Shazam. I like the 'Big' aspect of it."
  • Finally, a fan asked, "Could you tell back when you worked with Zack Snyder that he would one day ruin everything good about DC comics?" Gunn responded simply, "Oh, come on."

"@Ali_Akhtar_: what about the symbiote rumours?" There are no rumors. Just guesses, which are fun. Only 6 of us know who's in GotG2.

- James Gunn (@JamesGunn) March 7, 2015

"@DrunkenShots: Still wondering if Captain Marvel will appear in #GoTG2" Getting this a lot this morning. As I said months ago, no, sorry.

- James Gunn (@JamesGunn) March 7, 2015

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