Here's how those impressive Hot Toys figures are made

Although this brief video from The Story Plus certainly won't answer all of your questions about Hot Toys, it offers a fun glimpse behind the scenes of the collectible company's production facilities.

JC Hong, president of Hot Toys production in South Korea, breaks down the laborious process of creating the often startlingly life-like action figures based on the stars of Avengers: Age of Ultron, The Dark Knight and other blockbusters.

"It's always a hard challenge," he explains, "like giving birth to a new child."

While Black Widow merchandise can be difficult to find on the shelves of U.S. stores, Hong reveals her action figures is Hot Toys' bestseller worldwide. "That's what we make the most in our workshop," he says. "We expected Spider-Man as the second-most, but the Iron Man shows much more in numbers. Spider-Man is the third."

(via Kotaku)

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