Here's a handy guide to the weaknesses of superheroes & villains

Faced with an angry Superman, every Tom, Dick and Dark Knight knows to break out the Kryptonite (it's usually next to the bandages and antiseptic in the first-aid kit). Likewise, if cornered by Electro, most of us might make sure we're well-grounded, and then reach for the nearest water hose. But what about those myriad other superheroes and villains?

Glad you asked! MorphSuits, which ruffled so many feathers with its breakdown of Marvel's most badass female characters, now scrutinizes the Achilles' heels of costumed characters, probing for a weakness that might help out in a pinch.

Some of the information seems a bit dated. For instance, keeping modern-day Aquaman out of water isn't likely to do more than give him dry skin. But maybe you can strike when he stops to apply moisturizer. Others, on the other hand, are a bit ... strange. ("Low confidence"?)

Sebastian Shaw Krakoa
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