Here We Go Again: Jackman Clarifies Comments on Retiring Wolverine

OK, let's go over this again: Hugh Jackman hinted that he wants to retire from playing Wolverine. Then he said he's not so sure about retiring the character after all. And then he said he wants to be an Avenger.

So, what's the real story? In a new interview with Vulture, the actor set the record straight on his stance on playing the adamantium-laced mutant, saying that, while he knows he'll have to give up the claws eventually, he doesn't see a specific end point in sight, as long as the material is up to his standards.

"I don't know when that day will be, but I want to make sure that there's still more for me to create that I'm still as passionate about and committed to it, and that the movies are as good," Jackman said. "As long as all that lines up, I don't see an end date yet."

"I mean, I've seen some quotes, some of which have been accurate, some of which were misquoted, but I've tried to be honest," he continued. "And the truth is, right now, I would like to be able to continue playing it, but I probably have higher standards to get me there."

As for what his next Wolverine project might entail, Jackman teased that he's been speaking with James Mangold about an adaptation of the Marvel comic book storyline "Old Man Logan."

"We did look at that, because I am rapidly approaching Old Man Logan," he joked. "It does, some mornings, feel like the most appropriate way to go. That's in the mix of discussions, yeah."

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