Hercules leads an all-new God Squad in Marvel's <i>Chaos War</i>

Marvel's next cosmic event will kick off in October with Chaos War, a five-issue miniseries featuring an all-new God Squad led by the newly returned Hercules.

Announced this afternoon by Blair Butler on G4TV's "Fresh Ink," Chaos War comes from the former Incredible Hercules team of Greg Pak, Fred Van Lente and Khoi Pham.

The miniseries centers on an attack on Earth by the Chaos King, who has amassed an army of alien slave gods. The only force that can stop him is an unlikely team of Marvel gods and cosmic entities: Thor, Galactus, Sersi, Silver Surfer, Venus ... and, of course, Hercules. As if the re-formed God Squad weren't enough to do the job, Butler said the Hulk assembles "the surviving members of his family" to face the Chaos King's forces.

Watch video of the segment after the break or at the Attack of the Show! website.

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