Herb Trimpe Will Be Attending Mid-Ohio-Con After All!

Official Press Release

Several weeks ago Herb Trimpe sadly notified Mid-Ohio-Con that he was not going to be able to attend the show, due to a personal obligation. Needless to say, Mr. Trimpe did not want to disappoint his fans, and continued to work to resolve the situation. To everyone's delight, Herb Trimpe has just cancelled his cancellation, and will be appearing at Mid-Ohio-Con.

Show promoter Roger Price said, "It's not often that we get to announce such great news, as this. I know that all of Herb's fans will be extremely happy to be able to meet him at this year's Mid-Ohio-Con."

There's even more room for excitement as Pop Fun Merchandising just announced that this year's limited edition Mid-Ohio-Con "Toon Tumbler" features Herb Trimpe's silver age Incredible Hulk art! These beautiful glasses will be available exclusively at the Pop Fun Merchandising booth during Mid-Ohio-Con.

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