Her Universe Expands from Fashion to Publishing

Her Universe, the "fangirl"-focused fashion company founded in 2010, has teamed with Permuted Press to develop books aimed at all ages, with a particular focus on tween and young adult readers. The Her Universe Press slate will consist mainly of sci-fi and fantasy works, with shorter, non-fiction stories also a possibility.

The imprint's first two books are slated for release in spring/summer 2016. Aspiring writers are encouraged to submit their works via the company's website at HerUniversePress.com.

"The imprint will build its readership on the company's wide audience of fans and provide new and aspiring female writers the chance to see their original work professionally published," the press release reads. "Focusing on the sci-fi and fantasy genres, the imprint will publish fiction and non-fiction for all age ranges with an emphasis on the tween, young adult market. Her Universe Press will be seeking to publish female authors who write empowering stories with positive messages and a focus on strong female protagonists."

"Her Universe continues to expand because of our wonderful community and passionate fans. It is truly a group effort by fans wanting their voices to be heard," Her Universe founder Ashley Eckstein said in a statement. "I felt that Her Universe Press was necessary because so many fans were presenting me with their manuscripts with no professional outlet or opportunity to publish their work. I'm thrilled to be able to provide a platform for these stories to be told via books, entertainment, merchandise and beyond!"

The first title will be book one in a series created by new author Anne Convery and Eckstein, written by Convery with illustrations by Dave Filoni (Supervising Director on "Star Wars: The Clone Wars" and Executive Producer of "Star Wars Rebels"). "The Confidence Chronicles" is "set in an alternate universe gold rush California, is a steampunk fantasy featuring twelve-year-old Adelaide Lenihan, whose grit, energy and obsession with all things mechanical lead her along with her automatic owl, Eureka, to uncover exciting and sometimes chilling secrets in her own home town. Mining, mystery and mayhem in this first installment set the stage for Addy's fantastic adventures from west of the Sierra Nevada to east of the Mississippi and beyond."

"Weirdest," by Heather Nuhfer, tells "the story of thirteen-year-old girl who, in her desperation to be the coolest in her school, makes a wish and, as a result, has her strongest emotions physically manifest themselves in weird ways. Her powers run haywire as she tries to solve the mystery."

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