Henry Cavill Wants to Star in Netflix's The Witcher Adaptation

Henry Cavill The Witcher adaptation

Coming off of an incredibly strong and critically-acclaimed performance in this summer's Mission: Impossible - Fallout, Henry Cavill may have just set his sights on his next dream project. It's not enough that the actor has played Superman in over three films -- now, the actor is keen on playing a different kind of hero.

During an interview with IGN to promote Fallout, Cavill revealed that he would love to play the title character in Netflix's upcoming The Witcher, the television series adaptation of the popular CD Projekt Red video game of the same name.

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During the interview, Cavill first revealed his passion for the video game. "The Witcher 3 I just replayed, all the way through. Love that game, really good game." Then, when asked if he would be interested in playing Geralt of Rivia, the lead character of the game, the actor answered with an earnest "Absolutely, yeah. That would be an amazing role."

But then, Cavill proved how big a fan of the franchise he was by throwing a question back to his interviewer: "Have you read the books? The books are amazing," he confirmed. "The books I started reading and they are well worth the read. They're really, really good."

The Witcher video game franchise is actually based on the book series written by Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski. Of course, there is always the possibility that Cavill isn't reading the book series by accident. After all, it's been said that Netflix's The Witcher adaptation will not only mine source from the video game, but the novels as well -- something that Cavill is very well aware of. "From what I understand it's a bit of both," the actor said, "they're picking a bit of from the game and a bit from the book -- a lot from the books."

Cavill is a fan of the franchise, so he could be reading the books simply for expansive fun, given how he played The Witcher 3 a few times already. But could it be possible he decided to delve into the books to familiarize himself with the source material behind the Netflix adaptation? The series hasn't begun casting yet, so there's always a chance Cavill could free up his schedule to film the eight episodes of the first season of The Witcher.

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The Defenders' Lauren Schmidt Hissrich is the showrunner behind Netflix's The Witcher adaptation, with a writers' room that includes Daredevil's Sneha Koora and The Originals' Declan de Barra. Sapkowski is said to serve as a creative consultant, and the series is set to shoot in Eastern Europe. While there is no official release date for the highly-anticipated series, The Witcher is expected to drop sometime in 2020.

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