DCEU's Cavill Rocks Reeve's Superman Suit In New Photo

Henry Cavill as Superman

While pretty much every single DC fan and their mother knew that Henry Cavill was (and still is) the perfect actor to bring Superman to life in the DC Extended Universe, we have further justification. Zack Snyder has revealed an old picture of the actor, circa pre-Man of Steel, wearing a replica of Christopher Reeve’s classic Superman costume.

On social media platform Vero, the DCEU director released an old photograph he had taken during the auditioning process of Man of Steel. “This was the shot I did to show the studio that this was my Superman,” Snyder said. “They agreed.”

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The costume was lent to Snyder by Warner Archives, and by the looks of the picture, it’s clear that Cavill didn’t even need to hit the gym to pull off looking like Superman.

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Henry Cavill has time and again proven that he is the perfect choice for Superman, even if the DCEU movies themselves didn’t exactly allow him to be his regular, charming self. After the Justice League film worked to course-correct the character, fans are still eager for the actor to reprise the role, even if we still don’t know where and when that will be.

(via Entertainment Weekly)

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