Henry Cavill's Superman Mustache Revealed in Justice League Photo

superman mustache

Photos of Henry Cavill's infamous mustache from his performance as Superman in 2017's Justice League have finally surfaced online, after months of ridicule in response to its digital removal,

Entertainment news site Reel Anarchy has posted behind-the-scenes photos, which were confirmed to be real by Hollywood insider Daniel Richtman, from what appears to be a sound-mixing production suite at Bisby Studios. The image shows Henry Cavill in costume as Superman on what appears to be Steppenwolf's base of operations in a scene from the climax of the film.

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Upon closer inspection, the screening date appears to be either September 8, 2017 or August 9, 2017, over two to three months before the DC Extended Universe film's wide theatrical release. The markings on Cavill's face in the zoomed-in image suggest markers for editors in post-production to replace Cavill's facial hair with the digital upper lip that appears in the final film.

After Joss Whedon replaced original director Zack Snyder during post-production, the studio re-filmed an estimated 15-20% of the film to lighten the tone based on rewrites performed by Whedon after negative response to Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

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The extended reshoots conflicted with Cavill's availability while the actor was filming Mission: Impossible - Fallout which required him to maintain facial hair.

To accommodate Cavill's schedule, Warner Bros. agreed to let him keep the facial hair for reshoots with it digitally removed after filming. If these photos are legitimate, it provides audiences the first look at Cavill before its removal.

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