Henry Cavill Reveals Which Superman Comic He Wants to Adapt

Henry Cavill doesn't seem anywhere near ready to put away the cape and tights, and the Man of Steel actor even has an idea which famous comic book storyline he would like to see adapted as a Superman film.

Speaking with with Square Mile, Cavill discussed the possibility of doing a Man of Steel sequel, rather than another ensemble film in the vein of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice or Justice League. He also called the DC storyline "For Tomorrow," by Brian Azzarello, Jim Lee and Scott Williams “one of my favorite comic books. I would definitely like to tell a story like that."

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"For Tomorrow" was Lee's follow-up to the epic success of Batman: Hush, on which he collaborated with writer Jeph Loeb and, of course, his longtime inker Williams. Just like "Hush," the storyline was a year-long effort, taking place in Superman #204-215. Unlike "Hush," however, which was framed in such a way that Batman would either team-up with or fight a classic supervillain or superhero in each issue, "For Tomorrow" had more of an contained narrative, with Superman dealing with an ethical conflict throughout the story.

The storyline took place one year after "The Vanishing," where a million people disappeared from Earth, including Superman's wife, Lois Lane. Superman had been talking over his issues with a fatally ill priest, Father Leone, since the Vanishing. Eventually, he traced the effects of the Vanishing to a Middle Eastern country whose tyrannical leader has a superpowered being working for him known as Equus. After a brutal clash between Superman and Equus, there was a second Vanishing. Superman decided to trigger another Vanishing himself, but Wonder Woman arrived to try to stop him from what seemed to her to be certain death. Superman fought her off and successfully vanished. He then learned that he had himself built an alternate dimension as a place to send the people of Earth if the events of Krypton's destruction occurred again. He had wiped the events from his mind, but that is where the vanished people had been for the past year. In the end, he brought the people back home, but in the process, Father Leone was manipulated into becoming a new version of Equus.

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Cavill specifically talked about what he hopes to accomplish with new Superman stories, noting, “There's an opportunity to keep on telling Superman stories, and getting them exactly right. Showing the things like hope and joy and that wonderful power of his to make people believe in themselves.” Those were elements that were certainly present in "For Tomorrow," so it will be interesting to see if it ever does get adapted.

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