Justice League's Henry Cavill Wishes Superman a Happy 80th Birthday

Henry Cavill as Superman

Henry Cavill, the DC Extended Universe's own Man of Steel, has wished Superman a happy 80th birthday on Instagram. Cavill marked the occasion with an image from artist Eddie Liu's 2015 "Old Heroes" series, which focused on DC's premier superheroes in their old age.

"For 80 years he has been saving our tails and indeed perhaps our souls. Inspiring us to be greater than we thought ourselves able. He's certainly changed me, given me hope, allowed me space to push myself beyond the limits of my patience," Cavill wrote.

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"Truly, what would a world be without Superman?" he continued. "He paved the way for all of our favourite heroes even if he's not yours personally. A huuuuge thank you to the incredibly talented artists and writers over the years who have given us so much. Within us, Superman will now live no matter how old he gets. Happy Birthday my friend."

Cavill reintroduced Superman to the masses in Zack Snyder's Man of Steel in 2013, before reprising the role in 2015's Batman vs. Superman and last year's Justice League. With Action Comics #1000 out today as well, it's been a huge week for one of pop culture's most iconic faces.

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