Henry Cavill Flies His Colors For National Superhero Day

Henry Cavill's Superman in Man Of Steel

Today is National Superhero Day, an event apparently created in 1995 by Marvel Comics and now celebrated each year on April 28. There's no one established way to observe the occasion -- it's not technically a holiday, after all -- but actor Henry Cavill has his own way to mark the day.

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The star of "Man of Steel," "Batman v Superman" and the upcoming "Justice League" posted a photo of himself in a shirt that closely resembles his onscreen costume. With earbuds and a gray hoodie that just barely allows the iconic "S" shield peek out, Cavill puts a modern spin on the classic image of Clark Kent.

What's most admirable about Cavill's post isn't the photo, though. Rather, it's the actor's caption, which thanks nearly every actor from the current superhero films for "keeping us so entertained and setting such a fantastic example for superhero fans, young and old, around the world."

With fans constantly bickering over Marvel and DC, particularly when it comes to the quality of their films, leave it to Superman to lead by example with an unprecedented message of unity.

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Henry Cavill's Superman will fly again when "Justice League" hits theaters on Nov. 17.

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