Henry Cavill's M:I 6 'Stache Is the Symbol of Paramount's Support for Men's Health

Paramount Pictures has turned Henry Cavill's famous mustache from Mission: Impossible -- Fallout into a symbol for good by pledging to donate funds in support of mental health for men globally.

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The studio's donation comes in the name of Movember -- the month where people grow their 'stache in honor of a cause. Sure, some do it for fun, but various brands and companies have used Movember as part of their corporate social responsibility, with actors and athletes alike making their own pledges while letting the facial hair come loose.

As you'll remember, Cavill's 'stache was the subject of controversy, as he couldn't cut it for Justice League reshoots while he was still shooting MI:6 for Christopher McQuarrie, since he was obligated to keep it to maintain a villainous look as the turncoat spy, August Walker. This led to the awful CGI work on his face in Justice League, which drew harsh ridicule to the DC Extended Universe.

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Well, it looks like some good has come of it after all, with donations to the Movember foundation being used to help spread awareness, education and treat mental health issues for men worldwide.

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