Henry Cavill Flies to Iconic Superman Score in Justice League BTS Video

Henry Cavill Superman Justice League

Henry Cavill makes bringing Superman to life so incredibly easy. The Justice League actor recently released an old behind the scenes video of the ensemble film where he is shown going through the motions of the stunt work that goes into making the audience believe that the Kryptonian alien can fly.

The video, which Cavill released on his Instagram account, shows the actor in the rehearsal phase of his flight and fight scenes. Even out of costume, Cavill effortlessly steps into Superman's big red boots, showing how adept he is at bringing to life Big Blue's iconic flying poses.

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The brief footage is played to the iconic Superman themes of both John Williams and Hans Zimmer, which only makes the video all the more exciting to watch. Even with the green screen, wires and stunt performers involved, Cavill still shows that he is the perfect actor to bring Superman to life on the big screen.

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There is no official word yet on when and if we will see Henry Cavill's Superman on screen again. However, when the actor was nominated for a Teen Choice Award, he did tease at the possibility of more Kryptonian action coming his way. Recent rumors have claimed that we might see him as early as next year's Shazam! film, directed by David F. Sandberg. But we'll just have to wait for the movie's release on April 5, 2019 to see.

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