Helping Some Folks in Need

Two friends of Comics Should Be Good need a little help and I figured that it was worth mentioning it here in case anyone was willing/able to give them some assistance.

First up, Seth Kushner, who you might know best from his brilliant photographs for the Graphic NYC comic book interview project with Christopher Irving. Seth was diagnosed with Myeloid Acute Leukemia with a FLT 3 mutation in April. He received a bone marrow transplant and had returned home but sadly last month he had a relapse. He is back in the hospital. Since he has been unable to work, his family could use some help and they have a GoFundMe page up here.

Next is Robot 6 writer Corey Blake, whose wife has been dealing with multiple sclerosis (MS) since 2002 and lupus since 2010. The second diagnosis led to his wife having to leaver her full-time job and so naturally the two have been struggling since then financially. They're basically looking to their friends and family to see if they can get a little bit of a break. They have a CrowdRise page here.

Anything can help them. Hell, just five bucks would help, if it comes from enough of you! If you can't/don't want to help, that's fine, too!

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