Help Robot 6's Corey Blake

While you might not know Corey Blake personally, it's likely you've seen his work here on ROBOT 6. Corey has been a contributor to R6 for more than two years, writing pieces about subjects ranging from Comic-Con International to Bitstrips and many more through his column The Comics Observer.

You may also have noticed that Corey hasn't been around ROBOT 6 in a couple of weeks. That's because his wife Nahleen, diagnosed with both lupus and multiple sclerosis, is currently going through some serious medical issues, and is currently waiting to hear back from their insurance company to see if they will cover a very expensive -- but very necessary -- medication. ( Corey writes about it himself on his Twitter account.)

If you'd like to help Corey and Nahleen, they've set up an online fundraiser to help cover the cost of medical bills. They're close to reaching their proposed goal, but don't let that stop you from giving what you can.

The thoughts and good wishes of the entire CBR and ROBOT 6 editorial staff go out to Corey and Nahleen during this difficult time.

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