Help me buy my comics this week!

It's been a while since I asked for help from you, the readers, in helping me purchase comics, but I figured as the end of the year draws nigh and I start to ponder culling the pull list, I can always see if things I don't usually buy strike my fancy! So let's go under the cut to see what's what!

First, I present Diamond's shipping list. Just for fun, let's throw in Brian Hibbs' shipping list, because Hibbs seems like a cool guy. Okay, your assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to peruse one or both of the lists, and then tell me what I should buy. Here is what I'm already buying, so don't worry about these:

Batman and Robin #16Secret Six #27Unknown Soldier #25Gødland #33Avengers Academy #6Chaos War #3Generation Hope #1Scarlet #3Strange Tales II #2Young Allies #6Bullet to the Head #5Days Missing: Kestus #1Shrapnel: Hubris #3 (I already have this, actually - I got it in the mail)Xenozoic Complete Collection

So that's my list. If you want me to buy something, let me know. Here are some ground rules, though:

I'm only buying ONE additional comic. I know it might seem like I've made of money, but Dr. Pepper doesn't grow on trees, you know! You can list as many as you want, but I'm only buying ONE. You can explain why I should buy your choice, too - I have no problem with lobbying! What I usually do with these is count up the votes and if there's a clear winner, I buy that one. If every comic gets two votes or two comics are far and away the most popular choices (something where there's no clear winner, in other words), I usually go with my gut - I'll pick the one that sounds more like my kind of thing.

I will tell you right now that you shouldn't choose trade paperbacks or graphic novels, because my shoppe probably didn't order them. They tend to stick to very mainstream individual issues, and if you want a trade or OGN, you have to pre-order them. Don't tell me to buy MOME volume 20, for instance, because my shoppe won't have it. You can rail against the injustice all you want, but that's the way it is. I'm not going to tell you which books I'm waiting for in trade, because if you tell me to buy that issue and enough people do, I'll get it ... even if I'm planning on buying the trade. Of course, I see that Berlin #17 is coming out tomorrow. This falls under "My shoppe won't have it," AND I buy that in trade anyway. So don't choose that one.

I also reserve the right to savage your choice. You already knew that, though.

I always have lots of fun with this, and I know at least one comic that I started buying because of you, the readers. So hit me with your choices, and we'll have some fun. Voting closes tomorrow at about 10.30 PDT, because after that I won't be checking my computer and I'll be off to the shoppe. So tell me what comic I should buy tomorrow! Everyone always says my taste in comics sucks - now's your chance to set me straight!

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