Help me buy my comics this week!

I thought I'd try something new.

Here is the list of books coming out this week.  Here's what I'm buying:

Fables #58

Mystery in Space #7

Sam Noir: Ronin Holiday #2

Ant-Man #6

Moon Knight #8

The Damned #5

Chronicles of Wormwood #2

The Lone Ranger #5

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to give me ONE other comic book I should buy.  I doubt if it will break my bank account, after all.  Name the comic and give me a half-decent reason I should buy it.  Before I leave for the comics shoppe tomorrow, I will peruse your comments (if, you know, there are any) and pick one comic to buy from it.  My choice will be based on a number of things - good reasons to buy it, popularity of the choice (if EVERYONE says I should buy Ptolus: City by the Spire #5, I'll do it!), availability at my comics shoppe (they get a lot of stuff, but I live in Mesa, AZ, not midtown Manhattan, so occasionally availability is limited), and price.  Even if everyone tells me to buy Worlds of Amano, it's 28 dollars, plus my store probably won't have it.

I thought this might be a fun way for me to try out new books.  Don't worry about telling me to get something in the middle of a storyline, either.  I'm relatively intelligent; I can pick up the thread.  Of course, if you absolutely ADORE Amazing Spider-Girl and I loathe it and rip it to shreds, please don't take it personally.  Remember, I have lousy taste in comics!

So: which extra comic should I buy this week?  Let me know!

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