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Back after a week off, so let's go beneath the cut!

Some of you may know that the weather on the East Coast has wreaked some havoc with the shipping - apparently most Big Two comics get printed in Quebec and then shipped to Diamond's main hub in Baltimore, whence they are shipped to the other distribution centers (in the case of Arizona, that's in Los Angeles). But the weather was so horrible that the West Coast, typically, will get screwed as usual (it's like college football and the East Coast bias, man!). So: Here is Diamond's shipping list. As always, I will also link to Brian Hibbs' shipping list, although his is truncated for the same reason mine will be. So I'll list what I'm getting (or would be getting if it shows up, and I'm not sure what is showing up), and you can recommend something for me, but understand that my shop might not get what you vote for. I have no idea what they're getting - their initial list was very short, and Hibbs told me that they should be getting more than what was on the initial list. So there's that!

Booster Gold #39Fables #100 (According to Hibbs, this is coming out, but Diamond lists it as a "poster." If the issue comes out, I'll get it.)Northlanders #35 (Not on Diamond's list, but it's on Hibbs'.)Superboy #2T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents #2Welcome to Tranquility: One Foot in the Grave #6Thor: Why Didn't You Buy Me? #7Days Missing: Kestus #2

Batman Chronicles volume 10Sci Spy

There you have it. Recommend away! I don't even know if all of these will arrive at the shop - it's a mystery! But that's what makes it fun!

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