Help me buy my comics this week!

This was fun last week.  Let's try it again!

Here's the list.  Here's what I will be buying for sure:

It Rhymes With Lust (trade paperback)

Checkmate #12

Hellblazer #230 (This is Diggle's first issue, right?  'Cause I'm giving his run a look.)

Omega Men #6

After the Cape #1

Noble Causes #28

X-Factor #17

X-Men #197

I want you to recommend ONE other comic I should buy this week.  Someone last week (I think it was Greg Hatcher) wondered if it had to be something new.  Well, yeah.  If I asked for old recommendations I would get stuff going back to the 1960s.  So let's keep it current!  Again, give me a half-decent reason to buy it.  I'll read the comments and see which one I'll buy.  It doesn't have to be a comic book, as others pointed out some magazines last week, but again, keep in mind that I don't live in Manhattan, and my store probably doesn't have a lot of the more obscure stuff.  That's just the way it is!  Also keep in mind that I buy Y: The Last Man in trades, so I'm not buying the new issue, and I decide on Detective Comics when I'm in the store each time it comes out, because they're single-issue stories.  I'm also planning on tracking down the Leading Man trade paperback, because I think I missed ordering it.

So.  Let me have it, people!  I look forward to following your advice!

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