Help me buy my comics this week!

Yes, I'm back for another go.  I enjoy reading your choices!

Okay, so the shipping list is here.  My personal shopping list is:

Alice in Sunderland GN

Catwoman #65

Fables #59

Gødland #17

Sam Noir: Ronin Holiday #3

Unique #1

Daredevil #95

Gamekeeper #1

Virulents #1

As usual, please give one recommendation and a half-decent reason to buy it.  I do appreciate the suggestions of graphic novels or trade paperbacks, but keep in mind that if it's not from the Big Two (and maybe not even then), my store probably won't have it unless someone specifically ordered it.  So I'll probably buy the Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane hardcover and the Secret Six trade, but not this week.  Even my back-up store, Atomic Comics, didn't have Empowered, and they're a huge corporate monstrosity!  I'm also still on the fence about Batman, so don't worry about suggesting that - I'll check it out tomorrow and see if I want it.

So let me have it!  What looks good to you fine readers?

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