Help me buy my comics this week!

It's a slow week, so I need some advice on how to spend the kids' college fund!

Peruse the shipping list.  Then peruse my shopping list:

Detective Comics #831 (always a coin flip in the store)

Welcome to Tranquility #5

Madman Atomic Comics #1

Essential Spider-Man vol. 8 (finally!)

Elk's Run GN (which everyone should buy, even if you have to sell your kidney to afford it!)

Fallen Angel #14

Wow, it really is a slow week!  As always, give me a semi-decent reason for buying it.  Trade paperback suggestions are welcome, even though I probably won't buy it tomorrow.  But I like getting ideas about a trade I can look for in the future.  And thanks for participating!

X-Men: Marvel's Fallen Angels Have a Favor To Ask

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