Help me buy my comics this week!

It's Tuesday, and that means ... audience participation!

Here is the list of comics that are coming out.  My shopping list is below:

Samurai: Heaven and Earth volume 2 #4

JLA Classified #38

Mystery in Space #8

Outsiders #47 (Yes, I'm giving it a look because of the Checkmate crossover.)

Y The Last Man volume 9 TPB

Noble Causes #29

Phonogram #6 (Yay!)

Iron Fist #5 (See?  Now I'm hooked.)

Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four #2 (Possibly.  I may just wait for the trade, even though I bought issue #1.)

Cover Girl #1 (Even though Kevin picked on me and the entire blog in his comments section.  The nerve of him!  I may cry.)

The Gamekeeper #2

Chronicles of Wormwood #3

The Killer #4

Rex Libris #8

The Secret History #2

Two Guns #2

You know, when I have a small week like last week, I always think "Maybe I'm beginning to cut back on my purchases."  Yeah, right.  Then a week like this comes along.  For the non-Big Two stuff, I'll believe that it's out when it's in my hands, but even so, this is a big week.  But there's still some other stuff out there.  So let me hear it, people!  What else, besides all this stuff, should I buy?

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