Help me buy my comics this week!

It's that time of the week again - ah, where does the time go?

The shipping list, ladies and gentlemen.  My personal shopping list:

Star Wars Legacy #12 (I got the last issue and liked it, so why not?)

The Spirit #6 (I just got the "best-of" Eisner volume, so a comparison may be forthcoming)

Dynamo 5 #3

Gødland #18

Gutsville #1 (Frazer Irving on art duties!)

Madman Atomic Comics #2

Unique #3

Ant-Man #8 (more than likely, although I could change my mind)

She-Hulk #18

X-Men #199

Cover Girl #2 (already!)

Homeless Channel GN

Legend of GrimJack vol. 7

Well, another week without food!  I will also point out that the Casanova trade comes out, and you really should get it, and the Fell trade comes out, and you really should get it.  I'm also torn on Criminal - I may simply skip to the trades, because I wasn't overly impressed with the first arc and might wait to see what people are saying about it.  So even though it's not a huge week, give me a recommendation!  And thanks for your assistance!

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