Help me buy my comics this week!

Okay, so I'm a bit gun-shy about doing this, since last week a bunch of people directed me toward Flash #13.  But that's okay - how will I know what good comics look like if I don't occasionally read some putrid ones?

As always, read the shipping list.  Then peruse my choices:

Blue Beetle #16 (I assume it's not a guest writer this time)

The Nightly News #6

Criminal #7

Daredevil #98

She-Hulk #19

X-Factor #20

X-Men #200

Fallen Angel #17

Not a lot this week, but some good quality books.  I will point out that I'm interested in a few trade paperbacks but probably won't buy them tomorrow.  So don't recommend the Conan trade, because I'll get it eventually.  I also buy Invincible in trades, so although I see a new issue is coming out, I won't be getting that.  But I'm still interested in what you think is worth checking out.  So let me know!

Amazing Spider-Man 30 feature Carnage
Amazing Spider-Man #30 Includes a Massive Reveal About Spidey's New Villain

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