Help me buy my comics this week!

Plus: a challenge for you, the fine readers!

Okay, so this week comics will be delayed in the United States (the only country that matters, if you really think about it) a day by Independence Day, so I will be heading to the store on Thursday.  So here's the shipping list, and here's my shopping list:

All Star Superman #8

Detective #834

Faker #1

Outsiders #49

Silverfish HC

Welcome to Tranquility #8

Dynamo 5 #5

Invincible vol. 8

Ant-Man #10

Uncanny X-Men #488

Black Diamond #2 (which I just received in the mail, so I'll review it before Thursday to give you an idea about it)

Empty Chamber #2 (boy, I hope this comes out)

Chronicles of Wormwood #5

Into the Dust #1

So peruse the list and hit me with your recommendations!  As usual, there are some things I'm not getting because I either already own it in singles or I'm waiting for the trade.  I would recommend the Batman Ego thing, if only for Selina's Big Score, which is excellent.  I buy Y: The Last Man in trades, so don't recommend that.  I already have the Union Jack comic, but the trade is definitely worth it.  Gage is quite the hot writer these days, it seems.  I also recommend The Damned in trade - it's a good book.

And then there's my challenge to you, the reader.  Robert over at Ye Olde Comick Booke Blogge has been doing some interesting posts about "independent" comics because it's Independence Day on the Fourth (which he has dubbed "Independents' Day").  He attempts to define "independent comics" here, and his "manifesto" is here.  He and Jake also list some of their favorite comics that fall outside the "mainstream."  Robert, by the way, is the guy who works at my comic book shoppe whose balls I'm often busting in my weekly posts, but he's a very cool guy, and he makes some good points, especially with regard to the guy who was complaining that there aren't any good comics anymore.  Poppycock!  So my challenge to you is simple: This week, pick up a comic you've never read before.  The only other criterion: it can't be a property owned by Marvel or DC.  That doesn't mean it can't be published by them, but it can't be owned by them (yes, there'sa distinction).  That means no big-time superheroes.  Most of the readers of this here blog have a very eclectic reading list, which is most excellent, but there's always room for another comic in your life, right?

So give me your recommendation, and tell me what you're going to buy that is outside your comfort zone.  And always remember: there are plenty of excellent comics that don't feature speedy superheroes getting kicked to death!

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