Help me buy my comics this week!

Back to a Wednesday release, and back to you, the good readers, to help me out!

Gander the shipping list.  Read below at the pamphlets I'm already buying:

Martha Washington Dies (maybe; I'll decide at the store)

Star Wars: Legacy #14

Fables #63

JLA: Classified #40

Madman Atomic Comics #3

X-Factor #21

Man, that's a weak week, isn't it?  Sheesh.  As always, I point out a few things, even though someone will suggest something I mention here.  I'm buying BPRD mini-series in the trades, so I won't be getting that.  Ditto with 100 Bullets.  I already own Nextwave, so I won't be buying the trade.  Other than that, tell me what I should get and why.  I'm at your mercy!

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