Help me buy my comics this week!

I'm back!  Did you miss me?  I am furiously working on my epic post about Friday at the convention.  You know you're dying to read it!  But first ... comics!

Here's this week's shipping list.  Here is what I'm buying:

Faker #2

Metal Men #1

Welcome to Tranquility #9

Ant-Man #11

She-Hulk #20

Uncanny X-Men #489

World War Hulk #3

Chronicles of Wormwood #6

Killing Pickman #1

Kind of an odd week.  A pretty good-sized one, but with some books that are new or ones that I'm not sure if they're worth the money.  Plus, Ant-Man playing out the string.  Poor Ant-Man!  So let me know what you think is good, and I will consider purchasing it!

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