Help me buy my comics this week!

Let's see what great comics I'm not buying this week and need to be told about!

Here, good readers, is the shipping list.  Here is what I'm purchasing with my hard-earned money:

Star Wars: Legacy #15

Batman #667

Fables #64

JLA: Classified #41

Bad Planet #2

Casanova #8

Dynamo 5 #6

Ghosting #1

Annihilation: Conquest - The Wraith #2

Ant-Man #11 (which supposedly came out last week, but never showed up at my comics shoppe, but which is supposedly arriving here in Mesa this week)

Criminal #8

Daredevil #99

Incredible Hulk #109

X-Factor #22

Cover Girl #4

100 Bullets vol. 11: Once Upon a Crime

Wow, that's a bunch of comics.  As usual, your choices are appreciated, even if they're obscure.  I always enjoy finding out about new things to buy even if I can't get them that very week.  So hit me with your choices!

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