Help me buy my comics this week!

Even from the very cold (but sadly non-snow-covered) north of Arizona, I want to know which comics I should buy! Let's go under the cut and see what we can see!

As always, let's take a look at two different shipping lists. Over here is Diamond's shipping list, while over there is Brian Hibbs' shipping list. Go check those out, then come back here and tell me what I should buy. My current shopping list looks thusly:

Batman, Inc. #2Hellblazer #274Kill Shakespeare #8Chew #16Dynamo 5 Holiday Special #1Morning Glories #5Incognito: Bad Influences #2Cyclops #1The Sixth Gun #7Warlord of Mars #3

20th Century Boys volume 12

Diamond has a couple of books on their list that I should get - The Lone Ranger and Tonto #4 and Ooku: The Inner Chambers volume 5, but neither were on my shoppe's list (nor are they on Hibbs'), so I wonder if they will arrive in the Wild West next week. So those probably aren't good ones to suggest. You'll also notice the lack of Axe Cop on my list. I am far, FAR less enamoured of it than our own Bill Reed, and really have no interest in reading it. But I wish it well. You might like it!

Get voting, everyone! I'm done with my Christmas shopping, so I don't need to save any money. So I can spend it all on myself!

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