Help me buy my comics this week!

Another Wednesday looms, and I humbly ask for your assistance.  What can you tell me?

Where's that shipping list?  Right here!  And, below, the books I will purchase this week:

Blue Beetle #20

Casanova #10

Velocity Pilot Season #1

Daredevil #101

Moon Knight #13

She-Hulk #22

X-Men #204

Doktor Sleepless #3

Into the Dust #2

The Killer #5

The Killer #6 (both on the same day? we'll see)

Kong: King of Skull Island #0

The Lone Ranger #9

Potter's Field #2

It's a bit of a strange week.  Only one DC book, and more independent stuff than the Big Two combined.  But that means you'll have a lot to choose from!  Let me know what I'm missing, and I'll check out what I can (and what I haven't read or what I'm not planning on getting in trade paperback).  Thanks for your help!

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