Help me buy my comics this week!

After a week off (it slipped my mind, sorry), I'm back to ask you what book I must read this time around.  So let's look at the lists:

This week's shipping list is right here.  My personal shopping list is below.

Infinity Inc. #4

Dynamo 5 #9

Fearless #2

Infinite Horizon #1

Lazarus #2

Suburban Glamour #2

The Order #5

Uncanny X-Men #493

30 Days of Night: Beyond Barrow #2

Atomic Robo #3

Two Guns #4

Fantastic Four Visionaries John Byrne volume 8

There you have it.  So check out the list and let me know what I MUST READ!  And yes, I'll probably pick up Countdown: Arena for free so I won't have to take Keith Champagne up on his money-back offer if I don't like it.

EXCLUSIVE: Beyonders #4

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