Help <i>Max Overacts</i> bring his dramatic life to the printed page

I've been a big fan of Caanan Grall's webcomics Max Overacts for awhile now, so I was happy to see that he's now raising funds through IndieGoGo to release the first print collection of Max's adventures.

On IndieGoGo, Grall details his plans for the book:

My initial quote (Which is almost the entire fundraising goal, plus some to allow for postage) is for 3000 copies of a 164 page full colour book at 8 x 10 inches. That's only slightly smaller than the original artwork so the details will shine through! If we only make it halfway to the goal, that's still good enough for 1000 copies, so everyone will get their orders. Please don't be afraid of that huge goal! I'm not!

The book will collect the first 142 strips plus 12 exclusive strips not seen on the web, focusing on Max's sister, Andromeda. See Andi at work, meet some of Andi's band mates, and even witness the moment Jacob fell for her and she didn't even notice him.

Plus, there will be an extra two strips if some daring fans step up to the 500 dollar plate, to have themselves put into an actual strip in this book itself, interacting with Max, Janet, Andi, Klaus, etc. Two awesome readers will be immortalized in book form for the ages! YOU will be on people's shelves. In libraries! Beside home lavatories! YOU, yes YOU, may eventually be... in a dollar bin! *gasp* Plus... you'll get to hang the original in your house. ;)

Tim spoke to him recently about the strip, and I've already donated because I'd love to see the book on my shelf, so if you're interested, head over there and check out the various rewards Grall's offering for donating.

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