'Hellhounds,' new series comes to Image in August

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ORANGE, CA -- 2 April, 2003 -- The life of a bounty hunter isn't easy, but things become even more complicated for a pair of hired guns when they suddenly begin to develop super powers in HELLHOUNDS, an all-new ongoing series debuting in August from Image Comics.

Written by George T. Singley with artwork by Joe Abraham, HELLHOUNDS is an altogether different look at the world of superheroes, approaching one of comics' most popular genres from a perspective that is far from typical. Instead of imbuing a couple of inherently noble characters with fantastic abilities, Singley is exploring how superpowers change the lives of two people whose morals are slightly more ambiguous.

In HELLHOUNDS, those two people are a pair of elite bounty hunters, King and Shock, who are regularly hired for special missions involving the defense of Earth by any means necessary. It's a fairly cut-and-dried job, until they begin to develop super powers via an unknown source. Suddenly, both Shock and King begin to take a closer look at themselves and what they do as they consider the incredible responsibility that comes with possessing super powers.

"I love superheroes, but like most readers who've been with comics for a while, I'm well aware that a lot has been done with the genre," Singley explained. "With HELLHOUNDS, my goal is to explore a completely different aspect of being or becoming a 'superhero.' On one level, King and Shock are used to performing 'heroic' acts -- sometimes by less than 'heroic' means -- for the greater good of society and due to their human limitations, they're more or less accepted as 'heroes.' What happens, though, when they suddenly gain abilities that make their tasks easier, not to mention as more tempting?"

No stranger to superheroes himself, SAVAGE DRAGON creator Erik Larsen found Singley's vision so appealing that he added his support early on.

"When George showed me the pages of this book I was floored. It looks great, it reads great--and what more could anybody want?" Larsen said. "I did everything I could to get this book going at Image. It's a book I want to read."

To bring HELLHOUNDS to life, Singley has enlisted the talents of artist Joe Abraham, colorist David Self and ace letterer Steve Dutro.

"It's great to have such a fantastic team of pros working on this book with me," Singley said. "Joe Abraham is one of the best artists in the industry today, his storytelling and character work is just phenomenal, and this story really comes alive with his artwork. David Self's coloring is nothing short of gorgeous, as anyone who has seen his collaborations with Rob Haynes will attest. Steve Dutro is one of the most prolific "hand" letterers on the market -- he letters more books in a day than most fellow pros do in a month. All of these guys just astound me every time I look at their work -- they're really making HELLHOUNDS shine."

Singley has also lined up a number of top flight artists to contribute covers to the first issue of HELLHOUNDS, among them Ryan Sook, Casey Jones and Tomm Coker.

"If you don't know who Ryan Sook is...you're living under a rock!" Singley exclaimed. "His work is some of the greatest to grace funnybook pages in years. Casey Jones' artwork has a majestic fluidity that no one else can capture...and Tomm Coker remains one of the industry's best kept secrets. I think fans are going to be amazed by these guys' covers for HELLHOUNDS."

HELLHOUNDS #1 will be available for order in the June issue of Diamond Previews and will arrive in stores in August 2003.

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