Hellboy's supporting cast gets the call

[BPRD]Fans of Mike Mignola's Hellboy universe will be treated to something special when Chris Golden, Tom Sniegoski, Ryan Sook and published Dark Horse Comics get together for the first Hellboy spin-off "BPRD: The Hollow Earth #1," according to The Official Hellboy Web site.

Chris Golden has written several paperback books based on Mignola's Hellboy character and now turns his eye to this new comic along with his longtime writing partner, Tom Sniegoski, who brings a cynical sense of humor to the book. Ryan Sook currently provides cover art for many DC and Dark Horse titles.

The Web site provided this description of the series:

"The three-issue story follows Abe Sapien, Roger the Homunculus, and new agent Johann Krauss. Liz Sherman, who brought Roger to life in Wake the Devil, has gone to a monastery near the Arctic Circle to gain control of her pyrotechnic powers. But something's gone wrong, and the rest of the Bureau's supernatural agents -- without the help of Hellboy -- have to investigate. Fans embraced Chris Golden's prose work on Lost Army, so Mignola knew he was right for this series. Golden's longtime writing partner, Tom Sniegoski, brings a sense of humor as cynical and offbeat as Mignola's own. Ryan Sook, one of Mike's favorite young artists, complements Mignola's style, bringing new flourishes and techniques. As these creators work closely with Mignola -- who's contributing covers, character designs, as well as working on the plot and dialogue -- Dark Horse gears up for a new series that could only be more like Hellboy if Mike were writing and drawing the whole thing himself."

A release date has not yet been announced.

CBR's Keith Giles contributed to this story.

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