Hellboy/Goon, Aleister Arcane, Young Ancient One, more: January 16th Comic Wire Wrap

Dark Horse Comics editor Scott Allie stopped by the official Hellboy message board (proudly hosted by CBR!) with news of an upcoming crossover between Mike Mignola's Hellboy and Eric Powell's the Goon.

Allie said, "Yep, we're finally doing it! It will be issue 7 of 'The Goon,' and the concept is every bit as nuts as you'd expect from a meeting of these two characters and these two creators. Eric and Mike were both saying no whenever asked about this idea for a while, but then when Mike was here in November to work on 'Hellboy: The Art of the Movie,' we were walking around Portland, and he said, 'You know, there is one way we could do a Hellboy/Goon crossover ...' I called Eric, he liked it, so just in the last three days, Mike did the cover. The book ships in June, marking the one-year anniversary of 'The Goon' at Dark Horse, just over ten years of 'Hellboy' at Dark Horse.

"Eric says, 'Goon... Hellboy... the greatest comic crossover of all time... or sign of the coming apocalypse? When Mignola said we could throw Hellboy into the pages of the hillbilly diatribe that is 'The Goon,' I says, 'HOO WHA WA WA!' This is too cool for words.

"Me, I'm very happy with the cover. Hope you all like it too. Dig the zombie chewing on HB's arm. I'm not gonna give out many details on this book, but it is Mike and Eric working together, and it is going to be worth the wait and worth the money."

Click on over to the Hellboy message board to see a larger image and to share your thoughts.

Some more images from the upcoming Steve Niles/Breehn Burns series "Aliester Arcane" have surfaced. Burns posted a couple of new panels over on the Steve Niles forums for people to take a look at. Click on over to the thread to see full sized images of the following images.

Niles described the series in an interview with CBR News back in October, 2003. "Aleister Arcane is an old late night creature feature host who is, I don't want to give away too much, but is basically forced off the air for his gory antics by conservative parents. Basically, he's turned into the town boogie man. He's the old man who lives in the house and doesn't talk to anybody. Finally, after decades go by, the children of the parents [who forced him off the air] befriend him. It's a lot more light-hearted."

Over on the "Young Ancient One" mini-site, writer Rob Worley reminds readers and retailers that this is the last week for retailers to increase their orders on the upcoming "Epic Anthology" and that the actual cover price is $5.99, not the $8.99 listed in the Diamond reorder bulletin. An official correction can be found on the Diamond Web site. The "Epic Anthology" will collect three different series: the previously mentioned "Young Ancient One," "Strange Magic" by Jason Henderson and Greg Scott as well as "Sleepwalker" by Robert Kirkman and Khary Randolph.

Peter David has noted on his Web log that veteran creator Dave Cockrum "has been hospitalized at the VA hospital in the Bronx for nearly two weeks." According to David, Cockrum has pneumonia and is on a respirator. CBR News extends their best wishes to Cockrum for a speedy recovery.

Last Sunday saw a rather large group of creators assemble for the Media City Convention. CBR News was in attendance and snapped a few photos of some of those who made it out to the show.

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