EXCL.: Hellboy Returning in New Winter Special, Mignola's Cover Revealed

Although Halloween hasn't yet come and gone, Dark Horse Comics and Mike Mignola are already planning Hellboy's schedule for the holidays. Dark Horse Comics has given CBR an exclusive preview of this year's Hellboy Winter Special, which promises three stories from some major comics talent.

You can Mignola's cover for the one-shot along with the solicitation below.

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Hellboy Winter Special 2019

  • Written by Mike Mignola, Chris Roberson, and Scott Allie
  • Illustrated by Mark Lászió, Leila del Duca and Andrea Mutti
  • Colored by Dave Stewart, Michelle Madsen and Lee Loughridge
  • Cover by Mike Mignola
  • On sale Jan 15
  • FC, 32 pages
  • $3.99
  • One-shot
  • Celebrate the season in true Hellboy fashion!
  • Meet a ghostly miser in an alternate reality, fear the Boogam of rural New York, and embrace the wrath of St. Hagan in this trio of occult winter tales! The familiar faces of Hellboy, Sarah Jewell, and the legendary Knights of St. Hagan will help you ring in the new year with all the shivers you can take—and not all of them from the cold!
  • Three short stories in one issue!

Created by Mike Mignola, Hellboy made his first full appearance in 1993's San Diego Comic Con Comics #2, The character has since appeared in a variety of different comics set in the Hellboy Universe. Shape of Water director Guillermo del Toro brought Hellboy to the big-screen in a self-titled film in 2004. Del Toro later helmed a 2008 sequel, Hellboy II: The Golden Army. There were plans for a third movie, though they never came to fruition, and the series relaunched with a new Hellboy film in 2019.

Hellboy Winter Special 2019 hits shelves January 15, 2020.

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