Hellboy, Spider-Man 2, X-Men 2, Static Shock, more: Comic Reel Wrap for December 2nd


Director Guillermo del Toro talked sequel ideas with Wizard Magazine, and Countingdown.net took a gander. del Toro said, "I'd love to live in 'Hellboy land' for the rest of my natural life! The fact is, I approach movies saying, "I'm going to have fun." The first impulse on any movie has never been, "Can I make money? Can I gain reputation?" None of that crap is pure Hollywood. And I tell you, how can you not want to have fun on a Hellboy movie? I would love to do 'The Wolves of Saint August' next, and I would love to mix and match it with other storylines. I told Mike taht if we go for a second movie, I would love to go for like a super extravaganza. And definitely end up with the Conqueror Worm! [Laughs]" In other Hellish news, TheAverageJoes interviewed Spectral Motion's Mike Elizalde about his work on the film, getting very technical about the creation of Sammael and Abe Sapien.


In their scouring of newsstands, Countingdown.com also read in the Washington Post that Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa has completed the comic book adaptation for the new sequel. Meanwhile, Forbes picked up a Reuters story about analysts expecting less interest in the sequel than the original generated. The report stated, "movie, released in 2002, produced $822 million in worldwide receipts, Barron's reported. And for the first nine months of 2003, Marvel took in $64.5 million from toy licensing, an increase of more than seven times from the same period the previous year."


People seem hungry for one Marvel sequel -- "X2: X-Men United" has pulled in $107 million in its first five days of VHS/DVD release, with over six million units sold.


Comics Continuum was invited to a special screening of a crossover episode between Static Shock and Batman Beyond, and have a plethora of screen captures for your viewing pleasure. Also announced was the fact that numerous NBA stars will lend voice talents this year, and series star Phil LaMarr (who voices Static) will do double duty when Green Lantern John Stewart (also voiced by LaMarr) guest stars.


Can't get enough Halle Berry? Neither can Hollywoodnorthreport.com, and they've got new pictures to prove it.


Batman-on-Film has new rumors on casting: they cast aspersions on the idea of Clint Eastwood in the new movie, bolstered by an old quote made by Eastwood ("I'm too old to make comic books. I like adventure films. I like a good adventure film as much as the next guy. But, it's not for me") from Empire magazine; that Katie Holmes ("Dawson's Creek") is in talks to play Bruce Wayne's girlfriend (Talia?); backing up Christopher Eccleston-as-Scarecrow rumors; and that "the other major villain is a businessman who once clashed with Bruce Wayne's father, Dr. Thomas Wayne, yet no one is in talks for that role as of yet." Given existing rumors that the main villain is Ra's al Ghul, would this make a deeper connection between the Bat and the Demon's Head? We'll keep our eye on this one.


Superman-V.com reports that Justin Timberlake has turned down the role of Jimmy Olsen (possibly clearing room for Fred Savage), who said, "I told them, 'Whatever you're smoking, dude, I don't want any of it. It's just not me."


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