Hellboy, Spider-Man 2, Superman, Smallville: Comic Reel Wrap for November 13th


[Phil Tippett]The CG Channel has an interview with special effects guru Phil Tippett, where he discusses his work on next summer's paranormal blockbuster. Tippet said, "We're working with Guillermo del Toro on 'Hellboy.' He's this terrific guy, who really understands the milieu. He's very engaging, really includes you, and wants as much creativity to come from you as possible. That's really worthwhile, looking for those kinds of relationships. So you're not just churning out visual effects by the yard, and charging ten thousand dollars a frame (or whatever it is), but are actually trying to be much more filmmaker friendly."


About.com sat down with Marvel film czar Avi Arad, who discussed why only one villain for the new movie, as well as dropping tiny tidbits on "Blade: Trinity," a possible "Wolverine" movie, "Fantastic Four" and "Punisher." As far as Spidey, Arad said, "I don't think they do need more villains. I think that one interesting villain is more than enough for two hours. Our kind of villains, as you know, they're not villains. They're not born a villain. It's the backstory, it's the reason, it's an emotional journey. I think it's quite enough to handle an interesting opportunity like the Freddy Molina/Dr. Oc. You want the concept of the movie around him."


Ain't It Cool News has a spy report that costume designer Kym Barrett ("Matrix," "Three Kings," "From Hell") was interviewed by Swedish newspaper Boras Tidning. When asked about Supes' costume (no apologies to John Bryne), she said, "I can't say very much about that right now, but we are working on the construction of the fabric for the costume. We have a bunch of chemical engineers and fabric designers working together and trying to invent a new, exciting material. You have to bear in mind that Superman is an extraterrestrial, from an entirely different planet, so the fabric must not resemble anything we have here on Earth." She mentions an unknown actor is the front-runner for the role, that shooting will begin summer 2004 with a proposed 2005 release date.


Those wacky kids over at Kryptonsite have new spoilers on the twelfth episode of the season, "Hereafter," scheduled for January of February 2004.


Comics Continuum has images from the November 19th episode, "Destiny." The network description of that night's show follows: "When another mysterious package arrives at Wolfram & Hart that recorporealizes Spike (James Marsters), the gang learns that the existence of two living ensouled vampire heroes has created chaos in the world. After Eve (Sarah Thompson) tells them about a prophecy that states that the only way to restore order is to find the Cup of Perpetual Torment that bestows human life, Angel (David Boreanaz) and Spike battle it out for the ultimate prize. A series of flashbacks show the history of Angel and Spike and their relationship with Drusilla (guest star Juliet Landau)."


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