Hellboy, Spider-Man 2, Punisher: Comic Reel Wrap for March 26th


When we get things wrong at the Comic Reel, we do it big: Christine Mignola wrote in to correct our news item about the special "Hellboy" screenings on both coasts: "Mike and GDT are in LA and Selma and Ron are in NY...you got it backwards! Thanks!" No, thank you! As well, according to faithful reader Dave Richards, if you're a member at MySpace.com, you can add Hellboy as a friend, which will give you access to stills from the movie, a bio written by Mignola and Del Toro, an art gallery (featuring drawings by Mignola, Phil Noto, and others), descriptions of Hellboys weapons, and his likes and dislikes.


Extra has a Real Media version of the new clip that's making the rounds on television. Rolling Stone reports that "The Distillers have re-recorded the iconic theme song to Spider-Man for the sequel to the summer 2002 blockbuster. 'I can associate with Spider-Man,' joked drummer Andy Granelli, 'because I too enjoy wearing tight red leotards.' The band roughed up the web slinger's anthem, hardcore style with engineer Alain Johannes (No Doubt, Queens of the Stone Age). The Distillers cut the track during a four-hour session at Los Angeles' 11AD studio just prior to hitting the road for their spring U.S. tour."


According to ToonZone, "the upcoming DVD releases of Batman: The Animated Series, Superman: The Animated Series, and Challenge of the Superfriends will not disappoint fans. The first set of DVD releases focusing on the popular animated heroes will come in the summer. Fans worried that WB will release underwhelming sets of their iconic animated properties can breathe a sigh of relief. A representative for WB said that every Batman: The Animated Series DVD boxed set release will contain four discs. Each set will also tentatively feature between 24 - 28 episodes, although the episode numbers may vary from set to set. Expect retail to be in the same price range as WB's current four disc animated releases, such as The Flintstones .Superman: The Animated Series and Challenge of the Superfriends will be released as two disc sets, much like the upcoming Samurai Jack: Season One title. A representative for WB Home Video was also quick to correct recent false information, stating only Batman: The Animated Series ,Superman: The Animated Series , and Challenge of the Superfriends will be coming out as multi-disc boxed sets for the foreseeable future. Future releases of other super hero properties, such as Teen Titans ,Justice League , and possibly Batman Beyond , will only be released as single, episodic DVDs. These single disc DVDs will hit shelves the same time the larger, multi-disc sets are released. And what about extras? Don't worry fans, WB is listening. On each set - single or multi-disc -- expect interviews, commentary, videography about villains and heroes, and much more. Participants already recorded for commentaries and interviews include Bruce Timm, Paul Dini, and Alan Burnett, among others. Several members of the voice cast and creative team for each animated series are heavily involved in production of these releases. Also, expect a few surprise creators from the world of comic books to featured on these DVDs. When asked about their plans for these DVD sets, the representative for WB said the plans are to release every episode for each animated series. The first wave of these DVD box sets, and new single volume releases, begins this summer. Expect an official announcement from WB shortly."


Comics Continuum has several new still images from the Thomas Jane-fueled action film.


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