Hellboy, Spawn, Superman, Punisher, more: Comic Reel Wrap for November 24th


Comics Continuum checked out Guillermo del Toro at the Texas Wizard World convention, and he referred to the trailer as "the layman's trailer ... which is for those people who don't know Hellboy, and we believe there are a few, and for those people who will react to the word 'hell,' as there will be. We decided to do a basic trailer that would show the organization, and not only showcase Hellboy. What you get is a taste of that." del Toro also said, "We are about 10 percent through the visual effects right now. And the next trailer you'll get is going to be a 30-second spot on the Super Bowl, and you'll get a few more monsters and a few more weird images. And hopefully by then the audience will be familiar. The first thing we want people to do is go, 'Hellboy?' Then, eventually get them to know that this is a character-driven movie -- and this character drives better." In other Hellish news, the official site has launched a sweepstakes for a private screening of the film with fifty of your closest friends. Finally, Comics Continuum has the first set of stills from the trailer.


Namco reports that a live action sequel to the Michael Jai White helmed "Spawn" movie, based partially on the success of the "Spawn: Armageddon" game.


The race is hot -- actor Matthew Bomer ("Tru Calling") told TV Guide (link expires 11/25) that he was a favorite of Brett Ratner's in the role of Superman, but that if Ratner is off the project, quite possibly so is he. Bomer expressed that he's still interested in the role.


According to Superherohype, Thomas Jane talked to Wizard Magazine about the arsenal of weaponry he used as Frank Castle. "I have a couple of sawed-off shotguns, I have a machine pistol with an extender arm. A bunch of claymore mines, an M4 with a grenade launcher. This [film] is 'Year One,' so what Frank has in this he cannibalized or he had himself saved in his army locker box from when he was serving as an army ranger." The character also uses two .45 caliber pistols which, in the film, beloned to career military man Frank Castle, Sr., played by Roy Scheider ("Blue Thunder").


A report at Superherohype puts Stan "The Man" Lee in Los Angeles at yesterday's Comic Book and Sci-Fi Convention, saying he will cameo in the new Spider-sequel but not in Punisher (due to a scheduling conflict). As well, they also report that on Sony's secretive Stage 30, there's a 70 foot deep tank with a "20 foot plunge pit," where a pier is being built for "Spider-Man 2."


According to Superherohype, Marvel VP Kevin Feige told Wizard Magazine that, "[Writer] Mark Frost has turned in a draft for 'Fantastic Four' and now he's working on some minor revisions, "Mark's working on his polish with an eye towards getting a director." Feige said of Johnny Blaze, "[Writer/director] Mark Steven Johnson is held up in a beach house right now, working on a rewrite of 'Ghost Rider' and we should get a sneak peak soon. Hopefully aiming for a spring start depending on scheduling." As far as the good Doctor Banner goes, Feige said, "It is set up at Universal again. We talk to Universal almost on a daily basis about 'Hulk 2'. Hulk is a great franchise with a lot of life left in it."


In their never ending deluge of bits cribbed from Wizard Magazine, Superherohype noted an interview with "Catwoman" director Pitof, doing his first American feature film. He said, "The really tricky part about adapting a comic book movie is that it's not a comic book, it's a movie. My goal is not to try to work with the character. To keep the continuity of the Catwoman character herself-her behavior, who she is-more than the world. What I mean by continuity is the continuity of the character of Catwoman -- who she is and how she acts. Her personality. But in terms of the world, no, it's a different world. There's no link with Gotham City. [The film's set in] a new city, and there's no link with any other superheroes. No Batman, no Superman -- it's just Catwoman."


In another interview in Wizard Magazine, Superherohype notes that David Goyer talks about this film as a finale for the Wesley Snipes character. "We're definitely building towards a definite ending for the series," Goyer said, "Given that this was the third film, I felt we had to shake things up."


Batman-on--Film has a rumor about Pat Hingle and Michael Gough returning to play Commisioner Gordon and Alfred, respectively, flying in the face of earlier rumors that the studio wanted to wash the taste of the Schumacher film out the world's palette.


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