Hellboy revealed!

Fanshave been waiting for it for months and it's finally here: The first publicityphoto from the set of "Hellboy" featuring Ron Perlman in full makeupis now online. Click the image at right to view it.

Perlman is seen holding "The Samaritan," the over-sided B.P.R.D.handgun that TyRuben Ellingson designed for the film.

The image bears some resemblance to the "Hellboy" teaser posterthat circulated at last summer's Comic-Con International in San Diego. That posterfeatured an image of Ron Perlman as Hellboy, drawn in profile by creator MikeMignola. 

The similarity may be intentional. Back in November, director Guillermo delToro told C2F that he planned to create a new poster to be handed out at thissummer's convention. The director said that the new poster would be identical tothe old one, except it would be a photo instead of a drawing.

More goodies are expected at Hellsite.comsoon.

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