Hellboy Returns in "Dark Horse Presents" #7

Official Press Release

While fans mourn the loss of Hellboy in the tragic ending of Hellboy: The Fury last week, Dark Horse is incredibly pleased to announce that the big guy returns with an all-new 8 page story in Dark Horse Presents #7.

As set up in the critically acclaimed one-shot from Mike Mignola and comics legend, Richard Corben, this all-new story will follow Hellboy through further adventures south of the border. In 1956, Hellboy was sent to Mexico to investigate a series of mass killings. This 8-page story recounts another hazy event during his time there, and features plenty of fodder for casual and hardcore Hellboy fans; a Mexican bat-god, an Aztec mummy, and of course, a Luchador!

"Back in 1956 Hellboy spent several months stumbling drunkenly through Mexico and this is just one of the odd things that may or may not have happened to him during that time. He claims to have no memory of this particular incident but that doesn't mean it's not true." - Mike Mignola

Hellboy vs. the Aztec Mummy arrives in Dark Horse Presents #8, on shelves in January 2012!

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