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Countingdown.com notes that director Guillermo del Toro has returned to the web, answering fan questions. Due to his schedule, he now only promises bi-weekly updates. He claims the Hellboy sets are the largest he's ever worked with, he likes the Mignola-inspired animated short making the rounds on the 'net (looking for that style in any animated spinoffs) and Mignola himself will be providing art for either the DVD or as an exclusive for the Web site.


Comics Continuum visited the set of "The Punisher" and posted a report about their visit. Also on the same page, they note that Gail Anne Hurd, producer of "The Hulk," notes they are moving forward with a sequel to the Hulk.

Finally, CBR has received a new photo of Thomas Jane as the Punisher, which we're happy to share with you. Click the image to enlarge.

Photo by: Gene Page.

Courtesy of Artisan Entertainment.


Los Angeles-area Bat fans are in for a treat. Toon Zone reports that Warner Brothers is hosting a special theatrical screening of a new direct-to-video feature film at the Arc Light in Hollywood, Tuesday October 14th at 7PM. We strongly recommend showing up at least seventy minutes early, as these things do tend to fill up and have die-hards there ahead of schedule.


Paul Cooke writes in with a correction -- the art we noted yesterday is for Region 4 DVDs, which will end up down under in Australia. Apologies for the mix-up, I'm still new here ...


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