Hellboy, Punisher, Batman: Intimidation, more: Comic Reel Wrap for October 9th


Fans who were looking forward to seeing Guillermo del Toro at this weekend's Fangoria Weekend of Horrors will be forced to make due with Selma Blair, Ron Perlman and a chance to win original artwork. The star director is recovering from major surgery, and will not be able to make the trip east, according to Fangoria.com. However, he is still slated to appear at 3PM on Sunday at North Hollywood's Media City Convention for a question-and-answer session. Please keep checking the website for the latest details.


Wanna see wrestler Kevin Nash choking Thomas Jane brutally? Of course you do, and Superherohype is happy to help, scanning in the image from the new Premiere magazine. "He's an incredibly large man," Jane said about his co-star, and noted, "that [scene] beat the **** out of us."


Dark Horizons "has read a full and in-depth synopsis of the shooting script of the upcoming 'Batman,'" and has reviewed it. Their final analysis? "In the end this is one of those stories which at first glance will shock you, but then give time to process I think you'll come to really like it -- fans of the comic especially should go nuts for this. With the Batman live-action movies we've become used to formula -- Bats in costume hunting down a wildly costumed baddie who gets far more character development than our hero, and a dark twisted gothic fantasy sense." Also, Comicon Pulse's rumor column The Beat swears that Viggo Mortensen will be in the film.


UGO's Trek BBS has (for reasons we can't fathom) a script review of the new Tobey Maguire-fueled sequel. They reveal scores of spoilers (so be warned) and summarize their analysis with this: "All in all, by the end I felt that I could confidently predict this will be another crowd-pleasing, straight-up superhero movie, and I know I'm going to enjoy it. The FX appear to have been smoothed out considerably, the script has broad appeal. It should satisfy Spidey fans and the general audience both."


Comics2Film reports that an animated children's series is in the works featuring Krypto, Superman's dog.


Devoted to Smallville (registration required) has posted a video clip featuring characters Chloe Sullivan and Lana Lang fighting at school. Look for Chloe to catch some beatdown in a shower scene (yowza) and Lana to get smacked on the stairs. Ouch!


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